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It’s holiday time,  hurrah!

However, it does mean that we are on a reduced timetable until September due to lower demand over the holiday period. We do still have a full range of activities available to book including hot, aerial and yoga flows

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Matspace is a collaborative studio for barefoot practices situated in Framlingham, Suffolk.

Set up and run by Lizzie Gibbons, Matspace brings barefoot classes together under one roof so that everyone can benefit .

We offer a friendly, quirky and relaxed centre, hosting an eclectic mix of classes taught by an array of brilliant teachers and instructors.


We are a yoga and pilates studio without boundaries, offering a flexible timetable and varied selection of classes for everyone to enjoy.


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  • My name is Rod and I am a 67 year old widower - having lost my wife of 35 years to cancer in July 2020. As well as dealing with grief I have also suffered from a degree of PTSD as a consequence of nursing my wife at home myself through her final months and in the depths of the Covid pandemic with limited medical support, and then not being able to have a proper funeral at the end of it. At the latter part of last year (2021) I thought that I would benefit from taking up yoga, not only for the many health benefits that it would provide, but I also hoped that it would help me to find a group of like-minded people and new friends. I searched on the internet on and off over a period of months, but failed to find an offering that particularly inspired me to sign up. Yes, there was the option of doing it online, but that seemed a very sad alternative, one that pales in comparison to the real thing. In our so called “connected” world through technology we are actually less connected and crave real, in-person contact as evidenced through the Covid pandemic. Part of the whole experience of yoga is that shared collective energy, that shared vibrance and vitality that arises from a group activity together in the same space. Online one also misses that gentle touch of the teacher’s hand guiding you into the correct posture. Finally, in February this year (2022), I came across Matspace, and what particularly drew me to them was that they offered Hot Yoga classes. Although for a yoga novice and an oldie like me it seemed like I was diving in at the deep end, I immediately signed up to try it out - if I was going to do it, I might as well go all in and commit fully. I could not have made a better choice or found a better group (tribe) to belong to. What I found at Matspace was a very warm, welcoming, non-judgmental group of people, with classes of all ages and abilities. At no time did I feel that I was out of place there. I immediately became addicted to hot yoga and have been every week since - I would go every day if I could! In addition to the inviting and beautifully appointed yoga studios there is the (vegan) café and shop. A great space to have a chat and enjoy a tea/coffee/chai – whatever you fancy – together with a selection of freshly baked, home-made, vegan cakes – truly made with love - and a wonderful treat. As a vegan myself this added to my feeling of belonging. I feel very much at home there – it has become my “Happy Place” and I am always sad to leave it to go home. I have been struggling with my grief since the death of my wife, but finally now I feel that I am moving forward and no longer constantly on the edge of tears. I am deeply grateful to Lizzie and all at Matspace for welcoming me so warmly into their tribe, for their support as well as for the fantastic yoga sessions with gentle, encouraging teaching helping me to work through my inflexibility which, together with the heat, enables me to push my boundaries. For anyone wishing to boost their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, no matter what age or ability, I would wholeheartedly recommend that they book a session at Matspace and give it a go. I have no doubt that, like me, it will be the best choice you make this year. For me, my time at Matspace has become one of life’s essentials. Come join the tribe at Matspace. Rod (May 2022)

    My Matspace Story

  • What a wonderful studio! It’s magical: the warm welcome, friendly atmosphere, the colours and the energy and every little detail carefully thought out to make it both practical and beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed the Rise and Shine Yoga session with Keira too: lovely sequence, challenging and fun. Can’t wait to be back in that space. Thank you Lizzie.

    Izabela Ross

  • It’s been over 15 years since I first dipped my toes into the world of yoga but alas failed to get caught up in its delights. Now with just a few weeks of regular visits I find myself becoming immersed in its magic. I wish MATSPACE all the success for the future it clearly deserves.

    John Rainbow

  • Yoga has been wonderful for my ten year old daughter. Through yoga, my daughter has built confidence and a healthy self image.

    W. Hodgson


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Sunday 14.8.2022

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Please book classes online or by phoning us 01728564203 before you come in to the studio. A full timetable and class descriptions can also be found on our MATSPACE Mind Body pageDownload Mind Body Connect App

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