Hot yoga

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Hot yoga is overflowing with benefits, and not to brag, but here at MATSPACE we think ours are pretty smokin’!

Expect to get darn sweaty in temperatures up to 42 degrees. We will flow together through sequences of 60 minutes, our mirrors will help you self adjust along with the instructors posture alignment cues.

The first few sessions of hot yoga can be pretty tough as your body gets used to the heat and all that sweating!  We advise you try at least 4 or 5 sessions before you make up your mind whether the practice is for you. Beware: this sh*t gets addictive!

Choose from our range of sequences: VITAL, SUSTAIN, FLOORED, WAX ON WAX OFF, RETRO 60, and HOT HIIT

Benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

detoxifies body

helps open up the joints

reduces general risk of injury

improves circulation

strengthens immune system

benefits lymphatic system

makes muscles more flexible

encourages weight loss

makes skin super soft!